At least 19 people – the majority of which were tourists – are dead following an attack early Wednesday morning at the Bardo museum in Tunisia’s capital city. Two attackers were killed in the attack, but there are three still at large, according to Tunisian Prime Minister Habid Essid.

Two men, both dressed in military uniforms, walked into the museum early in the morning. The two men subsequently opened fire on the crowd of civilians within, killing at least 10 and taking hostages almost immediately. Ambulances removed people from the scene as quickly as they could. Gunfire could be heard from within, and men and women ran for their lives in an effort to gain safety.

Security officials within the museum killed two gunmen. One security officer died in the firefight. Mohamed Ali Aroui, an Interior Ministry spokesman, called the gunmen Islamists while discussing the attack on the radio. The Interior Ministry said the situation turned worse when hostages were taken.

A group of Polish nationals are currently in stable condition following the attack. Around 100 Italians were present within the museum, two of which suffered injuries from the gunfire. It is unknown as to what other countries citizens are being held or how many foreign tourists were killed.

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