MRW my mom says she doesn't know what the Holocaust was

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  • MRW my mom says she doesn't know what the Holocaust was
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    Linda Orn
    Almost ten years ago now I was a teaching assistant for an introduction to cultural anthropology course at a large southern university. The state has a program where if you have a SAT score and GPA that basically show you can read and have a pulse you can go to state university for free. But a lot of the schools in the state suck. So we'd get a big range of levels especially freshman year. Anyway so we're talking about race, ethnicity, and genocide as you usually do in intro to cultural. The professor mentions the holocaust as just an example and proceeds to move on with the lecture. This girl raises her hand almost immediately and the teacher calls on her. "I didn't catch that. What was your example?" "Oh the holocaust." "The what?" "Holocaust? Hitler?" "I don't know what that is." The professor took a moment and then did a pretty good job with an on the spot tldr of the holocaust. The girl's face went from confusion to shock to sorrow in about three minutes. It was a huge lecture course and you could hear a pin drop as everyone just stared at this girl who had just found out about the holocaust. The teacher made a little cough noise and then went back to lecture and student attention shifted. But she spent the rest of the course looking shell shocked. Later she told us she'd gone to a mix of home schooling and church school. They just never taught about it. WWII was just Germany trying to invade other countries and Pearl Harbor. We watched a documentary about the Rwandan genocide the next week. I think we broke her.