Movie director harasses youtuber for reviewing his movie

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  • [CENSORSHIP] YouTuber "I Hate Everything" receives a Copyright Strike for his negative video review on "Cool Cat Saves The Kids". Cool Cat creator David Savage proceeds to threaten to have his YouTube channel removed entirely and have his "legal time ...
  • Creator of Cool Cat Saves the Kids unjustly copyright strikes 3 Youtube channels for negative reviews, then threatens one of them through email
  • Derek Savage of Cool Cat, abuses YouTube copyright law, won't listen to reason, threatens to shut down I Hate Everything's YouTube channel
  • Man what is it with people named derek making shitty content having freak outs and making legal threats (this is eerily similar)
  • "I Hate Everything" risks being shut down over false copyright claims. Youtubes copyright system is flawed to say the least
  • Derek Savage's harassment and threats of removing channels through the broken YouTube copyright system
  • Daddy Derek harassing and threatening YouTubers through YouTube's broken copyright system
  • YouTube Copyright System Abuse | Save YouTube and This YouTuber | Derek Savage
  • With Apologies To Derek Savage (A Full Explanation Of What Is Going On)
  • Movie director harasses youtuber for reviewing his movie
  • What's the chance of YMS getting his reviews deleted?
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    [Holy shit check out Derek Savage's website.](
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