A disturbing story emerged this past week as a mother decided to throw her newborn baby out of the window from the seventh floor in New York. Jennifer Barry, aged 33, has been charged with second-degree murder after security cameras in the area managed to capture a part of the baby’s fall, and police investigations revealed the person responsible for the action.

The infant was found dead in an alley at 130 West 138th street in the Bronx region and police are still determining if the baby was dead before being mercilessly tossed out of the window. The New York times reported that the baby was found by the wife of the superintendent responsible for the apartment building.

The most shocking detail of this horrifying incident was the revelation that the baby was so young she still had an umbilical cord attached to her. Kenneth Bolton, one of the neighbors of the accused made the following comment after witnessing Jennifer’s arrest: “The devil was in her eyes. It was more like (she was) not human. She was deranged, like she was lost. You know, when someone has a look in their eyes like they don’t know where they are?

Jennifer was not granted bail and is due to appear in front of a court on 5th October.