A new report has surfaced which shows us that a massive number of companies around the world are very vulnerable to cyber attacks like the one that Sony fell victim to. In fact, security experts estimate that as many as 90 percent of companies across the globe would be susceptible should a hacker group decide to strike. It should be pointed out that the Sony hack mostly dealt with embarrassing details from the front office, but the kind of breach the company went through for other firms could be far more financially crippling.

Worse still, CNet reports that the tools that would be needed to conduct such a hack are readily available to anyone willing to pony up $30,000. That might seem like a chunk of change, but the financial benefits could be 10 times that should a hack get carried out. A rather large problem for these companies is there are just so many computers out there now that need to be protected. The Sony hack saw 300 different computers get destroyed.

When you look at companies like Target, which saw the financial information of 40 million people accessed and Anthem insurance, which saw more than 80 million customers exposed, the threat of a cyber attack is dire and it looks like it’s a matter of when, not if a big company will fall victim.

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