11-year-old Adam Jarvis didn’t want to attend school and refused to leave his mother’s side after a drunk driver killed his father, Kris Jarvis. Now, Adam’s mother, Tracey Fidler is facing serious jail time for her sons’ absence from school.

The Reading Borough Council is currently prosecuting Tracey Fidler after her son, Adam missed several days of school. The school deemed the reason for Adam’s absences unacceptable. Oddly enough, The Reading Borough Council is the same authority that her fiancé, Kris, was working for before his untimely passing.

Fidler says that the death of Kris sent Adam into a shock. Adam thought if he were to leave his mother’s side, she wouldn’t come back. “He didn’t want to leave me because he thought if he did I wouldn’t be there when he came back.

Adam only had a 45 percent attendance record at his primary school. He has since located to a secondary school were his attendance is slowly getting back to normal. Tracey still fears that she will be sent to jail over Adam’s attendance record. She will find out whether or not she faces jail time on October 9th.

They want to put me in prison. I just can’t believe it because Adam is now thinking he is going to lose his mom. He has already lost his dad.”

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