Mom destorys Wipeout on drums

source: youtube

  • This lady got a bunch of attention in r/video for looking like a mom, but I thought it was a great play through Wipeout regardless
  • On the off-chance you guys haven't seen this: A mom playing Wipeout. Can't stop smiling at this
  • Probably not the typical post but this lady absolutely kill Wipeout on the drums
  • Mom tears up the drums in Wipeout. Makes me laugh hysterically out of happiness
  • Rock n Roll Middle Aged Lady playing drums to Wipeout. Awesome!!!
  • Mom is a Damn Maniac on the Drums plays wipe out - YouTube
  • Middle-aged mom kills it on the drums playing Wipeout
  • Someone's mother FUCKING KILLS THE DRUMS on Wipeout
  • Mom stands in for drummer and crushes Wipeout
  • Mom playing Wipeout on the drums. KILLS it
  • Mom completely shredding apart the drums
  • Mom destroys Wipeout on the drums
  • Mom destorys Wipeout on drums
  • Just a Mom Playing the Drums
  • Mom's "Wipeout" drum cover
  • Your Mother's a Drummer
  • Mom plays wipeout
  • Mom rips Wipe Out
  • Drummer Mother
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    Myrna Leuschke
    Mom! You are always embarrassing me in front of my friends! No, fuck you Jimmy. We're hanging with your mom now.
  • mom plays wipeout
  • wipeout drums only