MKBHD: OnePlus 2 Review!

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  • Wait no more - MKBHD made the Review Video like 5 Minutes ago! #Hype
  • MKBHD: OnePlus 2 Review!
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    Darius Schroeder
    tl;dw * Still hard to buy with the invite system * Camera is fast, camera software is slow * SD810 is well under control for MKBHD's usage "Never got hot" * Battery lasts throughout the day for his usage, 3.5-4ish SoT, sometimes a littler over 4. MKBHD rating: "B+" * Great build quality & feels premium on the hand * Fingerprint sensor is quick, got quicker per update. "Just as accurate as TouchID" * Great 1080p display "One of the best in the business" * Vibration motor is weak (OnePlus One's vibration motor was weak as well) * Home button DOES work for him, "probably 2% of the time I had to press it twice to register" (So he's not having that "grounding" issue that's been brought up recently) * Weak speaker
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