When Nikki Balovich lost her ring in January after removing it due to swollen fingers caused by her pregnancy, she had a sneaking suspicion her 90 pound mastiff puppy may have eaten it. Balovich’s dog, Halli, has a tendency to eat things she shouldn’t, so her owners were regularly checking her poop, but had no luck.

Thanks to a fellow resident of Sitka, Alaska, Balovich’s luck changed last week. She spotted an ad on Facebook about a wedding ring found in an “unusual place” and something told her it could be hers. She contacted the poster, Bob Potrzuski, and he explained his wife had found the wedding ring while she was cleaning up dog waste at a local ball field. Turns out, Balovich had recently volunteered at that same park, and had brought Halli along.

Balovich, who said her hands felt “naked without it“, was reunited with her ring on her husband’s birthday, and she hasn’t taken it off since.

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