A teenager from Canberra, Australia, has been found alive after she went missing six days ago when her car left the road and fell down an embankment. The crash left her alone in the bushland with serious injuries and no food or water, with 19-year-old Kathleen Bautista only managing to survive by drinking water from a nearby creek.

Rescue teams and police had carried out extensive searches for Kathleen after family members reported her missing when she didn’t arrive at her destination. She was last seen driving in the area but police had no idea where she could be as no witnesses saw the car crash. However, after six days officers concentrated the search in an area where they had located signals from her mobile phone and found the abandoned car before they noticed a hand waving in the distance.

Despite spending almost a week in the wilderness without any medical help, the teenager was in good spirits, though was suffering from dehydration and exposure. A police officer described her condition after they found her, saying that: “I had a clear conversation with her. She was chatty and even started telling jokes. She was relieved and she thanked us profusely. She was actually, despite her circumstances, in very good spirits.”