A millionaire, who was living in New York City, died in June at the age of 69 and left a $100,000 trust fund to make sure her 32 cockatiels are well taken care of. The owner also requested for her 32 parrots continue to live in an aviary in her $4 million home in East Hampton.

The will even names each of the birds when talking about leaving the money for them to continue to be well taken care of. The millionaire leaving the money, Leslie Ann Mandel, has also requested her stepson to be trustee of the will and money and for a cat named Kiki and a rescue dog named Frosty to also be taken care of with the money.

Mandel ran a fundraising firm and raised a fortune worth $5.3 million. This is not the first rich person to leave money to their pets. According to the report, hotel owner Leona Helmsley also left a fortune of $12 million to her dog named Trouble. However, the judge trimmed the bequest down to $2 million.

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