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MFW I'm out of ideas 6 pages into a 10 page paper, and I realize it's single-spaced

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source: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

  • My project manager didn't think I could have all my data analyzed and a research poster completed for the deadline, but after a long week, I made the 5pm deadline by 30 min!
  • HIFW I hand in the final bookkeeping assignment for the foundation unit, having spent a full 2 hours finding and killing a duplicate journal entry
  • I've seen posts like these before, but I think we can ALL truly say this when Bayonetta comes out. (For those of us collecting the smash amiibo)
  • MRW I was finally able to log in and delete my old YouTube account full of cringe worthy comments from when I was 11
  • MRW I just successfully completed my physics PhD defense and suddenly all that stress and pressure is over
  • Got married yesterday and it was perfect! However, MRW we realized we're done with wedding planning
  • MFW I'm out of ideas 6 pages into a 10 page paper, and I realize it's single-spaced
  • MRW I get the PASS result of my final Bachelor's project at 35 years old
  • HIFW I turned in my last uni assignment. Will I get to graduate?
  • MRW I pulled the Water Ifrit to go with my Wind and Fire Ifrits
  • How I feel, now that all of the 3-day yomim tovim are behind me
  • MRW I hear that Five Nights at Freddy's 4 will be the last one
  • When you finally reach barracks at the end of a 15 mile hike
  • MRW I get my first acceptance after three years of applying
  • When April fools is over and Reddit is back to normal
  • The dishes and the laundry, for this moment, anyway
  • MRW I finally heard about the Von deal getting done
  • Week 2 fundraising update: AskHistorians hits TILT
  • HIFW The Semester from Hell is officially over
  • When you finally finish the summer assignment
  • The feeling you get after passing your exam
  • I passed. I don't know how, But I passed
  • After I rolled a joint at a (5)
  • Its done. They're finally done
  • Most of the US after tomorrow
  • MRW Olly finally got fucked
  • Walking out of finals like
  • Invites are IN. THE. MAIL
  • My reaction on April 2nd
  • Even Year Bull Shit
  • MFW AP Announcement
  • MRW finals are over
  • MFW It's Nov 8
  • April 1, 2016