With the surge of career success that Matthew McConaughey has experienced in the last few years, it would probably take a lot to throw his confidence. Luckily for him, having his work booed at a very big and prestigious venue doesn’t seem to be one of those things.

Gus Van Sant’s newest film, Sea of Trees, which stars the Oscar-winning Dallas Buyers Club actor, premiered at the very important festival to the sad sounds of its audience’s disdain earlier this week. Although viewers who tweeted their distaste of the movie were moot as to why they hated it, the higher-ups seemed to not care, as film was acquired for distribution by Roadside Attractions this past week. The film features McConaughey as a man who becomes deeply depressed after the death of his wife who then travels to Japan to visit its notorious Suicide Forest to do the inevitable. The film also stars Naomi Watts and Ken Watanabe.

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