On Wednesday night, after performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Adam Levine was hanging outside of the studio and signing autographs and conversing with fans. Suddenly Navid Farsi, 28, came running up and hurled handfuls of powdered sugar at Levine. Fans, who also got hit by the sugar, photographed and filmed the whole incident.

Kristal Klune, one of the fans present, wrote on Instagram that “We were all meeting him and talking to him and some guy ran up on him and threw powder all over him!!! Security tackled the guy down and arrested him. Adam walked off, that guy ruined it for all the fans he was greeting”.

Farsi was arrested by Los Angeles police. Furthermore, this is not the first time Farsi has accosted a celebrity by throwing something. Last week he threw a rock at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The irony is obvious: Farsi threw sugar at Levine for Maroon 5’s latest hit “Sugar” and threw a rock at Dwayne Johnson on account of the actor’s nickname.

Supposedly, Levine was thoroughly angered. Another fan present, Laura Tijerina, told CNN that “It looked like he (Levine) wanted to fight the guy”. Of course, security personnel prevented anything of the sort from happening.

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