Reefer Madness might be looked at as a ridiculous movie, but back when it was released, it clearly did what it was supposed to do. It’s been more than 70 years since Marijuana was a legal drug in the United States as a whole. Despite the fact that “weed” is still listed as an illegal drug, there has been a move at the state level that has made the Cannabis legal in a number of different places.

Sure, you’re probably saying, Colorado, Oregon, Washington state are all liberal bastions. It shouldn’t be that hard to imagine those places are going against the grain and making Marijuana legal. The liberal bastion of California has had a medical marijuana exception for years. What might surprise you is the number of mid-western states that are usually viewed as having conservative values. Minnesota, home of Michele Bachmann recently passed a Medical Marijuana bill. Iowa has one too. On Monday, April 20th, Nebraska became yet another mid-western state that is at least starting down the path of allowing Medical Marijuana. Of the three, the Cornhusker state is the reddest by far. Still, a Judiciary committee that has six Republicans and just two Democrats passed the bill onto the full legislature by a vote of 7-1 according to KETV

If Nebraska is willing to look at allowing the Cannabis Culture to at least partially invade its state, can the rest of the United States be far behind?