It’s hard to deny that mannequins are creepy, especially due to the legend which says they come alive at night. However, one particular mannequin in a Mexican bridal shop, La Casa de Pascualita, may have actually been alive at one point in time.

The story is that the original owner had a daughter named Pascualita, who died on her wedding day. The bride’s mother then mummified Pascualita and dressed her in a wedding gown, then exhibited the embalmed corpse at the front of the store.

According to sources, “The owners are rumored to change the mannequin’s dress quite often, but nobody ever sees it happen. Only the owner and certain employees are allowed to dress and undress her.” This leaves many to assume that the rumors might very well be true.

Additionally, some people regard the ‘corpse mannequin’ as a sort of saint when it comes to love-related issues, they leave candles, gifts and some even pray in front of the window!

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