A man who claims he’s an activist for the #BlackLivesMatter movement recently found out that there is a limit to the things you can say on Twitter, and it has nothing to do with 140 characters. Carlos Anthony Hollins, a 20-year-old Maryland native tweeted out, “IM NOT GONNA STAND FOR THIS NO. MORE. TONIGHT WE PURGE ! KILL ALL THE WHITE PPL IN THE TOWN OF LAPLATA. #BLACKLIVESMATTER.

Hollins has been charged with threats of mass violence and his Twitter account has been suspended. Police in La Plata, Maryland, have said that while Hollins is in custody, they will have extra patrols on the street just in case someone else decides to take up the cause. Hollins is being held on $250,000 bond, but no other details have been released about this particular case. Hollins apparently found out the hard way that when you Tweet something out to the world, anyone in the world, including the police, can see your messages. Even if the man was venting, he’ll have to pay a steep price for his stupidity.