A judge at Teesside Crown Court has dismissed the claim of a man that the $60,000 of cocaine he had at his home when it was raided by police was for personal use. During the trial, judge Simon Bourne Arton made it clear that this story was unbelievable simply because of the amount of the drug and the fact that it so pure. “The quantity and purity of the cocaine was well above that which an ordinary user would have,” said the judge.

Gerald Faulkner’s rented home was raided by police where they found a large amount of cocaine and a cannabis farm that included 52 individual plants and a sophisticated system of lighting and irrigation. The 41-year-old claimed he was only growing the cannabis plants as a hobby and had bought the cocaine to try for the first time at an upcoming party. He even tried to excuse the equipment by saying it that a friend had given it to him to look after.

The prosecutor, Stephen Duffield, explained to the court what was found at the home of the suspect. “Officers also searched his house, in the house they found 65.2g of cocaine at 78 per cent purity, three mature cannabis plants, and 1.1kg of dried cannabis.” The case has since been adjourned while the judge considers what sentence to give Faulkner after he was found guilty of possession with intent to supply.

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