Recently, a man decided it was a good idea to bring his two handguns, nicknamed “Pebbles and Bam-Bam” to his job in Washtenaw County. Obviously, everyone would expect this individual to end up in prison or at least charged with some sort of a felony. However, that isn’t the case, according to MLive.

The deranged individual ended up deleting the Facebook post that proved he brought the weapons into work, which means he avoided any charges from the local police department, as there was no substantial proof linking him to this act. The threatening post had been seen by numerous co-workers of the potential shooter, Grady Floyd, all of whom worked at the Washtenaw County Community Support and Treatment Services building.

Upon realizing he was in trouble, though, Grady removed the post, forcing prosecutors to throw out the case and drop any potential charges they have brought against him.

Along with the pistols, the man apparently brandished a shotgun with a drum magazine and an AK-47 with an under-barrel grenade launcher attached to intimidate those working with him. He has since removed this picture, too.