A man who was attempting to steal a phone from a Walmart store in South Union Township has been caught after he had to be taken to hospital because he had stabbed himself with a large knife. David Lee was using the blade to get the phone from a shelf and to remove security tags but had somehow managed to wound his own arm with the knife.

Realizing that he was bleeding heavily, staff approached the 46-year-old to help, however Lee simply pulled a towel from a shelf and wrapped his arm in it. He later drove to Uniontown Hospital where doctors ordered him to be airlifted to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital as his injury was serious.

Police were able to track down Lee after staff noticed that a phone had been stolen from the store. They intend to charge him with retail theft and disorderly conduct. Meanwhile, a hazmat team had to be called to the building to clean up the large amount of blood left behind.

I didn’t think he’d ever try that big of a stunt,” said Patty Lee, the suspect’s mother. “I don’t know where he’s going to end up at.” She also explained how Lee was addicted to heroin and that he isn’t likely to suffer any permanent damage from the knife wound.

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