Chinese writer Zhang Yiyi has spent £151,000 ($225,000) on operations to look like his hero, William Shakespeare, Mirror reported. The 34-year-old writer decided to get work done on his lips, eyes and nose. However, Yiyi’s decision has shocked some people in his native country and provoked debate on the internet. The dedicated superfan has undergone 10 operations, including a face tuck, nose surgery, eyelid surgery and eye reconstruction. Zhang Yiyi was born in Central China’s Hunan Province and went on to become an accomplished writer.

The life story of Yiyi is similar to that of William Shakespeare. When William Shakespeare was 7 years old, his father went bankrupt, which forced the young boy to stand on his own feet and prevented him from going to college. Likewise, Zhang Yiyi grew up in a financially troubled family because of the failure of his dad’s business. He never earned a university diploma because he could not clear the college enrolment examination. However, Yiyi’s hard work paid off and he became one of the most influential and successful writers in China

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