A man from Manchester, New Hampshire, decided to take matters into his own hands when his car was about to be towed away by setting it on fire. The vehicle had been illegally parked outside an apartment building and a tow truck had been called to remove it, but the 40-year-old owner started the blaze to prevent workers from taking it away.

Police, who arrived at the scene at the request of the tow truck driver, described how Shad Badeau had become enraged when he returned to see his car being prepared to be taken away. Even though it had already been attached to the truck, he proceeded to light his own car on fire to ensure that it it would have to be detached.

The tow truck driver then lowered the car so that it wouldn’t damage his own vehicle and called police. Meanwhile, Badeau had already extinguished the fire himself, stopping the flames from doing any serious damage. He was however arrested on charges of arson and face further charges as police continue to investigate the incident.

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