Man selling peelers in NYC

source: youtube

  • NY Legend: "Gentleman Peeler" Joe Ades worked six days a week selling $5 vegetable peelers with charm at Union Square, died a rich man, one day after becoming a US citizen. (article in comments.)
  • $70 in 5 Minutes - Video of Joe Ades, the Greatest Salesman in New York City History Doing His Magic
  • Joe Ades, 'Greatest Salesman in New York City history' and also a very fast peeler
  • [Performance] Watch a true master sell. Bonus [culinary]
  • This guy would have made a damn good copywriter
  • Man selling peelers in NYC (from /u/ceslek)
  • Oddly Relaxing: Vegetable Peeler Salesman
  • An incredibly skilled salesman in action
  • I would buy ten in a heart beat
  • Best salesman on Earth
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