Moderation is a virtue, albeit one that can be applied to virtually anything. So while there’s nothing wrong with taking the occasional photo with friends — or even building an album of selfies over time — there’s always a line that shouldn’t be crossed. One man has proven he didn’t even know the line existed, because he’s dedicated himself to the world of selfies.

India’s Bhanu Prakash has chosen to take the leap. Despite his job as a hospital research assistant, the twenty-four-year-old opted to drop out of that and take on the world record challenge. That means that he not only has to take as many selfies as possible within an hour, but also beat the current documented count: 1,449, set by the Arizona Cardinals’ Patrick Peterson. It’s going to take a lot of dexterity and endurance to top that, which would help explain — however slightly — why Prakash would put it all on the line.

Despite his intent to train for the big attempt, Prakash may already have the new record locked down. He claims that he’s taken roughly 1,700 selfies in an hour beforehand, so he’s not exactly wanting for talent or strength. On the other hand, the higher he can raise the count in one shot, the lower the chance of having his record broken. It’s a surefire way to prevent someone from shattering their hand — and beyond that, risking everything for a quick photo shoot.