A Florida man turned up to a meeting with his parole officer in a stolen car while also carrying a loaded gun. While most people would be on their best behavior when on probation to ensure that they don’t be sent back to jail, 38-year-old Christopher John Smith took a different route and was promptly arrested by police.

According to reports, Smith set off an alarm at the parole office when he walked through a sensor that showed he was carrying a weapon. Police then searched him to find a .25 caliber pistol hidden in his bag, which they later found had five rounds in the magazine. Officers then went to search his Ford Focus for other weapons when they discovered that the car had been stolen from a rental company earlier in the month.

The 38-year-old told his parole officer that he didn’t know whether the car had been rented as his businesses partners had carried out the transaction, though he was unwilling to share any names or details about them. He is now being held in jail for violation of his probation and suspected theft of the vehicle.

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