A 24-year-old man from Dallas has come up with a strange way to make a living after starting up a business called PotatoParcel. In an interview with Fox 10 News, Alex Craig spoke about how the idea behind the business started and how successful it has become in the last few weeks. According to the founder, the concept evolved from a conversation with his girlfriend over whether he could sell just one potato.

“In a world of ever changing communication with new apps and technologies, PotatoParcel.com is changing the game by allowing anyone in the US to send a message…on a potato.” Craig explained, adding: “We’ve had over 600K unique visitors to our website and thousands of happy customers. Since May we’ve been averaging $10,000/month in potato sales and the numbers keep growing.”

You can send almost anything you want, from wedding invitations to congratulatory messages. In fact, the only rule at the site is that they will not send fulfill an order that contains a threatening message.

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