A Clifton individual has been arrested for kidnapping people and forcing them to purchase Red Bull energy drinks. Paramus Deputy Chief Robert M. Guidetti said: “These were nice, compassionate people who were taken advantage of.”

The assailant, Eddie J. Johnson, 27, approached a women in Bergen Town Center and asked for money. The woman reportedly denied Johnson, who then forced the woman to an ATM to withdraw cash. He then forced her to drive to Elmwood Park Pathmark to purchase 70$ worth of Red Bull.

Johnson then did the same to a man in an underground AMC parking lot at Garden State Plaza. During this encounter, Johnson took $30 and the man’s iPhone. These weren’t the only two incidents, however. Johnson continued his little rampage in the pursuit of Red Bull. The man has been charged with robbery and kidnapping, and is held on a $500,000 bond.