A Massachusetts man is hoping to have set a world record – and wants to be in the Guinness Book of World Records – for kayaking down the Taunton River in a carved 817-pound pumpkin.

The man, Todd Sandstrum, was set to travel seven miles, from Raynham to Taunton, last week. The trip, unfortunately, didn’t go quite as well as originally planned. After around 90 minutes of paddling, the man only traveled the length of a football field thanks to low water levels. Upon reaching the halfway point, Sandstrum switched to a boat with his pumpkin hooked up by a line.

Despite the problems in his little journey, the 42-year-old man hopes he set a new Guinness World Record for longest journey in a watercraft made of a pumpkin. His travels must be verified before he can be put into a record book, however.

Sandstrum is hoping to encourage children to get a bit dirty on occasion. He also runs the annual South Shore Great Pumpkin Children, where schools hope to grow the biggest pumpkin in the area. Obviously the man loves his pumpkins.