A man in England has been jailed for eight years after he tried to buy ricin on the internet. After finding out about the deadly poison from watching Breaking Bad, the 31-year-old attempted to buy 500mg of the powder from a seller on the Dark Web.

However, the seller was in fact an FBI agent who instead sent a harmless substance to Mohammed Ali hidden inside a toy car. Police then arrested the man the next morning and charged him with attempting to possess a chemical weapon.

The court heard that the amount of ricin Ali was attempting to buy would be enough to kill 1,400 people and the judge imposed a particularly harsh sentence to deter others from attempting to buy chemicals that can be used in a weapon from the internet. They also dismissed claims from the 31-year-old that he hadn’t intended to use the ricin for illegal purposes, saying that he posed a real risk to the public. “I was interested in the Dark Web and ricin. I just wanted to know what the fuss was about,” Ali said in court.

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