Hong Kong court sentenced Henry Chau, 31, to life imprisonment. Chau was convicted of killing, mutilating, preserving and cooking the bodies of his parents, Chau Wing-ki, 65, and Siu Yuet-yee, 62. The verdict for Chau concluded a terrible case that shook Hong Kong in 2013, when the police discovered the heads of his two parents in the refrigerator. During the trial, which lasted for 20 days in Hong Kong’s high court, the jury heard the process Chau used to kill and mutilate his parents before he salted, cooked and packed them into meal boxes.

Chau’s penalty for the first and second charges was life imprisonment, Judge Michael Stuart-Moore said referring to the double murder charged to him. Stuart-Moore added 13-month imprisonment for two separate charges related to Chau’s attempt to prevent the funeral of his parents. Reading the verdict, Stuart-Moore called Chau someone who did not have feelings and also said that Chau was a very dangerous man.

Sections of Chau’s parents heads were found in two fridges in an apartment filled with blood in March 2013, a few days after the couple was reported missing. The rest of the bodies were found in a trash can and put in meal boxes full with rice. Initially, Chau told the police his parents were traveling to China. However, through a message to a friend, Chau claimed he had killed his parents.

At a hearing last year, Chau admitted he was planning to give the police wrong directions, allowing him enough time to say goodbye to his friends. Meanwhile, the court acquitted Tse Chun-kei, 38, after initially accused of the brutal murder.

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