Police within South Daytona, Florida, recently arrested a young man who thought it best to threaten his mother by firing off a fully-loaded shotgun near her and threatening to murder her kitten during a fight over chores in the household.

The man, Stewart Butler, 27, has been charged with attempted first-degree murder and discharging a firearm in public. Police have said he entered the bedroom where his mother had been fast asleep and began arguing over the chores within the house.

According to reports, Butler grabbed hold of his mother’s kitten and chucked it against a wall, claiming he would “cut it in half and make you eat it.” He then took up the pump-action shotgun in his hands and fired off a single shell into the floor of the bedroom.

Police arrived not long after the firearm was discharged, and Butler told the responding officers that his mother simply wanted to get him into trouble. Thankfully, Butler was taken to Volusia County Jail with no bond. Along with the aforementioned criminal charges, there is one pending charge of animal cruelty, too.

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