A man is in court facing multiple murder charges and a further claim that he killed his cellmate by ripping out his eyes while in jail. Donte Lamar Wyatt is accused of a variety of horrifically violent crimes but the trial will not go ahead until the 33-year-old has undergone psychological tests to determine whether he is fit to stand trial.

According to police, Wyatt has been charged with 14 different felonies. Court documents reveal that earlier in the year, the suspect met his estranged wife at a Waffle House before he stabbed her several times. Authorities believe that he then fled the scene in a rented truck and broke into a house belonging to activist Catherine Han Montoya before he eventually stabbed her before strangling the woman with a scarf.

While being held in county jail, police also allege that he attacked his cellmate, Jah’Corey Tyson. Wyatt beat and strangled the man before pulling out his eyeballs, with only one of the organs ever being recovered.

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