A couple in the United Kingdom parted ways when the fiance, Paul, fell head over heels in love with a Nigerian man posing as a woman on the Internet.

The couple, Paul Rusher and Rebecca Lewis, were separated for a period of one year after Paul came in contact with a beautiful California woman, Kristen White, on the social networking site Facebook. Kristen claimed that she was the daughter of a very rich man. It was not known to Rusher, that a Nigerian scammer was behind the scheme. After several months of chatting, Rusher fell in love with the woman and was planning to marry her.

When Lewis found out that her boyfriend planned to dump her for a beautiful woman he had met on Facebook, her world crumbled. The woman had contacted Rusher on Facebook 10 times per day for months, after sending a friend request. However, instead of moving on, Lewis became suspicious of her fiance’s new romance and turned investigator. Soon, she discovered that Paul had been the victim of a scam, where fraudsters use photos of models to trick innocent men into parting with huge sum of money.

Instead of letting Rusher fall for the fraud, Lewis stopped him giving £2,000 to White, who had asked to borrow the cash for flights so she could meet him. She did a research on White and discovered that she was using the photo of a Russian model. The name was guilty of big scams on the Internet. The messages were brought before Rusher as a proof that he was being cheated. Initially, he did not believe as he tried getting a loan from the bank to send to the Russian model. Rusher later faced the truth and accepted White did not exist.

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