A 57 year-old Nigerian man decided to divorce his wife of 25 years simply because she was constantly late with his dinner. The man, Olufade Adekoya, told a divorce court that he was seeking to leave the marriage because, “She does not prepare my food on time and I have warned her several times, but she would not listen to me.” He continued, “There is no point in harbouring a wife that makes me hungry.

Despite Olufade’s claims that his wife has failed her matrimonial obligations, his wife, Olusola does not believe that this is the reason why her husband wants out of the marriage. She denies his allegations and believes that he is only using this particular reason as an excuse to get out of their 25 year union.

However, the judge in the case did grant the couple their divorce as they seemed to have had a number of issues in the past. The judge explained his decision to dissolve the union by explaining that, “The court had tried several times to reconcile their differences, but all efforts proved abortive.”