A Shanghai man has died in a internet cafe after playing World of Warcraft for 19-hours straight. At the end of his play session, Wu Tai began to cough up blood, which eventually led to his death. The 24-year-old was playing in his local internet cafe with his friends when it happened. The footage shows the gamer sitting in his chair and violently coughing, and then collapsing in his chair. His fellow gamers were all in shock as they saw their friend die before their eyes.

Hsin Lo was sitting next to Wu,I suddenly heard him groan and when I turned to see what had happened he was very pale and looked uncomfortable. He was dabbing his mouth with a hankie which had blood on it… I asked him if he was OK and he said he’d felt better and that he would be OK,”

He obviously wasn’t okay, so someone nearby called an ambulance as a precaution. It’s reported that Tai continued to play his game while waiting for the paramedics to arrive. The gamer was said to have looked extremely pale before the paramedics arrived on the scene, but that didn’t stop him from playing. Unfortunately, the ambulance didn’t arrive in time, and the young gamer died before he could receive medical attention. When the medical team arrived, they tried to resuscitate Tai but it was too late.

An autopsy report is said to determine if there is a link between the 19-hour game session and his death.

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