Man Devours 11,000-Calorie Ice Cream Sundae In 15 Minutes

source: youtube

Matt Stonie is back, as we recently saw him devour a gigantic burrito in under two minutes. He went from spicy Mexican food to a more flavorful treat, as he is now eating a 11,000-calorie ice cream sundae in just 15 minutes! Can anyone say brain freeze?

We can admit to being a lover of ice cream and ice cream sundaes, but even this is a little too extreme for us! However, Matt is a competitive eater and he enjoys taking on these food challenges. For this challenge, the ice cream sundae consists of 30 scoops of ice cream (chocolate, vanilla bean and mint chocolate chip) and 17 different toppings, including crushed Butterfingers, M&Ms, gummy bears and Oreo cookies.

While we can feel our arteries clogging for him, he looks like he is in pretty good shape, so we don’t feel bad enjoying this video! Check it out before heading on over to your local ice cream parlor.

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