A local fisherman off the coast of Sunderland was shocked recently when he reeled in an eight-foot shark. The fisherman, Mark Turnbull, a 54-year-old civil engineer, was just 18 miles off the shore when he felt a heavier than normal tug on his fishing line. Turnbull spent an entire two hours pulling in the massive shark.

Turnbull said: “It was way too heavy, but you can estimate its weight from the length and girth. It was at least eight feet long so I reckon it was somewhere between 450 and 550lbs. I was exhausted. It was like pulling a car in. The porbeagle is the second fastest shark. It goes off like a torpedo and it put up quite a fight so it feels amazing to have reeled it in.”

Turnbull managed to capture a few photographs of the monstrosity before he threw it back into the ocean. We’re right there with him, as we’d certainly not want a shark that big in our boat.

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