Man Catcalls During Anti-Catcalling Interview

source: youtube

Catcalling is an incredibly offensive act that happens far too often in public to good-looking women who are just looking to get on with their day. Some cities, New York City included, have begun posting signs prohibiting the act of catcalling within specific areas, though they are surely hoping it catches on in all boroughs, not just the ones where signs are posted.

Unfortunately, during the filming of an anti-catcalling report, a reporter comes across an individual who absolutely loves doing the act to random women as he passes them on the sidewalk. He considers himself to be something of a professional, saying that women actually do enjoy when random men whistle at them. What he doesn’t know, however, is that women actually hate it and he just looks like a douche.

If anyone out there makes a habit of catcalling random women in the streets of your local city, take a moment to watch this video and find out exactly what you look like while doing it. It just comes off as desperate and awkward, nothing more.

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