A Florida man who was upset about the customer service of Disney World got a lifetime ban from all Disney properties. David Swindler has been banned for life from Disney World after making a joke about a meth lab at a Disney World hotel. The 54-year-old man has been a fan of Disney for several years, and was trying to extend his stay at the resort when he grew irritated with the slow service. Swindler joked with a worker that he could construct a meth lab in his hotel room by the time he could receive some service.

The employee thought that Swindler said that he constructed a meth lab in the room and called police. Police and Disney security searched his room and discovered no drugs. Swindler said that he was shocked about the incident and he was upset by the lifetime ban to the Disney park. He has been told that he can file an appeal with the Disney park and have the ban lifted.

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