38-year-old Jason Tackett attempted to suffocate his girlfriend after he found her reading the obituary of her ex-boyfriend. The couple has only been dating for a couple of months.

While sitting on the bed watching a television show, Tackett saw that his girlfriend was reading something on her cell phone. He immediately snatched the phone from her and found out that she was reading her ex-boyfriend’s obituary. According to the police report, Tackett went into an instant rage and began throwing their mattress off the bed and started smashing things around the house. The girlfriend stated that he took some of her personal belongings and damaged them.

“He smashed my cat figurine collection, my iPad. He then cut up my panties with scissors and wrote whore on our living room wall with black marker.”

Tackett then held his girlfriend down on the ground and covered her mouth with his hands will holding her nostrils shut. He only got up after she told him she couldn’t breathe.

Tackett said that he doesn’t feel sorry for what and did and that his girlfriend should be ashamed for reading her ex-boyfriend’s obituary, which he considers to be cheating. Tackett is being charged with domestic battery by strangulation. “I’m going to try to forgive her for cheating on me. But she better not look at that obituary one more time.”

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