For children, being represented in toys is often a self-esteem booster. Not every child has blond hair and blue eyes like the traditional Barbie and, while those dolls are nice to play with, sometimes a child just needs to see themselves in their dolls. Unfortunately, children with special needs or different appearances are vastly missing from the toy section. MakieLab, a British 3D toy maker, is looking to change that.

The dolls produced by the company as part of the “Toys Like Me” campaign feature a wide variety of dolls that can be custom made to match an individual child. Objects such as hearing aids, glasses, and canes can now be added as an accessory to each doll. Birthmarks and scars can be added to the face and body. The company hopes to add wheelchairs, walkers, and leg splints within the following weeks. We believe this is a step in the right direction for the toy industry. These dolls go to show children that everyone is beautiful, no matter how they look.

Topics: news , diversity , toys