It’s no secret that teenagers are extremely creative, especially when coming up with different ways to get high. Even though overdose from cocaine or crack would not be shocking, a London teenager managed to shock the world by collapsing and dying after trying to get himself high with the use of nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas.

These events occurred around 11 pm on Saturday night, as the teenager collapsed on a street in Bexley, London after coming home from a party. After promptly being taken to the hospital, he died two hours later due to his critical condition. “The death is being treated as unexplained,” a Met official stated, adding “a postmortem will be scheduled in due course.” However, the 18 year old teenager is believed to have ingested the “laughing gas” or, as it is known by most teenagers “hippie crack.”

Considered a legal drug, nitrous oxide can be freely obtained in the UK. Furthermore, its sale to teenagers over the age of 18 is completely legal and kids under 18 can legally be in the possession of the substance without the need to explain how they’ve obtained it.

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