LOLWOT TV Episode 1: 20 Of The Worlds Richest Celebrities

source: youtube

Welcome to the first episode of LOLWOT TV. To kickstart our TV section we are going to be taking one of our more popular list articles and transform it in to an exciting and informative short video.

This video list includes some of the most famous celebrities of all time, including rappers, singers and actors like Mariah Carey, Simon Cowell, Jay Z, Jerry Seinfeld and Michael Jackson. So whether you hate them or love them, consider taking a look at how much they’ve earned throughout the years.

Although this list is comprised of the richest celebrities in the world, most of their money came from smart business investments, ventures and branding opportunities. For example, Jay Z made over $200 million from selling his clothing line “Rocawear” in 2007 and joining forces with the concert promotion company “Live Nation” for $150 million in 2008. Essentially, these celebrities have learned how to invest their money or conduct productive business deals in order to keep amassing their fortune.

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