Most people tend to think that the eyes are the window to the soul — and as hokey as it may sound, it’s at least a good starting point. A person’s appearance can say plenty before they even get a word out of their mouth; thanks to that, it’s all too easy to fall under scrutiny. It’s not just done with the eyes, but with parts just inches south. As it turns out, lips may be able to tell all with a single glance.

That’s the idea proposed by Jean Haner, an author and face-reading expert. By making use of various Chinese-born techniques, she’s managed to compile knowledge on what a person’s lips — their size, plumpness, and curvature — can say about a personality and their relationships. Those with average lips are even-tempered, for example, while those with larger lips are more generous and motherly. Meanwhile, those whose mouths thin at the ends are likely to be more temperamental, and those with sharp curves in the center are quick thinkers — and impulsive as a result.

Haner argues that her knowledge can analyze lips, faces, ears and more, and in grave detail. Though there are other lip details she could rattle off, she makes one point in particular: based on Chinese teachings, altering the lips means changing a person’s destiny. In her eyes, that means plastic surgery can have lasting effects on personality and fate alike. Granted her claims can be taken with a grain of salt, but it’s still fun to compare her notes and everyone’s faces.

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