LinkedIn, after settling a class-action lawsuit, has decided to pay out an estimated $13 million. The complaint was brought about years ago, as the company was sending out so many emails to different users at one time, it was considered a massive amount of spam.

The suit, filed in California, focused on their Add Connections feature, which allows registered users to add and important their personal contacts from various other services, like email and your mobile phone. Should someone fail to respond within the allotted time, however, LinkedIn would send out two more emails prompting the user to decide whether or not they would like to connect with more people.

Basically, if you were a member of LinkedIn between September 2011 and October 2014 and you made use of the Add Connections feature, then you’re entitled to a bit of money from this settlement. It is unclear exactly how much money you may receive, though. Just be wary, if you’re submitting a claim, you can be charged with perjury for lying about using the feature during the time-frame.

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