Lindsey Lohan and Dina Lohan’s relationship is a complicated one and it appears the pair aren’t exactly in a great place these days. Reports indicate that in particular, Lindsey Lohan isn’t remotely happy that her mother might be moving to London. TMZ reports that Dina doesn’t seem to understand the animosity aimed at her by her daughter, considering she thought it would be great if both Lohans were living in London at the same time.

The same report indicates that Lindsey started screaming at her mother during the phone call and the argument then devolved into a series of angry texts. It appears that Lindsey Lohan believes there is only room for one Lohan in London, where the actress went to escape from her family. Dina reportedly isn’t following Lindsey just to follow her, but rather because she might be getting a gig on the hit series Celebrity Big Brother UK. The show is a huge hit in England where Gary Busey was the winner a year ago.