Lex Luthor learns Flash's secret identity

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  • [S3 Finale] All I could think of when Felicity "outed" The Flash by calling him "Barry" in front of Merlyn
  • [S3 Finale] (/s "All I could think of when Felicity "outed" The Flash by calling him "Barry"")
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  • Lex Luthor and the Flash accidentally switch bodies
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  • Not a spoiler... but an amazing scene from JLU
  • Lex Luthor learns The Flash's secret identity
  • Lex Luthor learns Flash's secret identity
  • One of my favorite Justice League scenes
  • Lex Luther vs. the identity of Flash
  • Possibly the best moment from JLU
  • Lex doesn't know who flash is
  • Lex Luthor unmasks The Flash!
  • Poor Lex
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    Mariana Jacobs
    Fun fact: the Flash, who in this episode has swapped bodies with Lex Luthor, was voiced by Michael Rosenbaum, who would later play Lex Luthor in Smallville.
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    Layne Bednar
    [Flash in Lex Luthor's body is even funnier.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGlTpj83DfE)
  • lex luthor learns flash's secret identity
  • lex luthor unmasks flash