Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Pennies (HBO)

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  • At the end, (average) people don't care how they pay. They want to get the job done (cheap)
  • Last week Tonight New Episode touches what CGP Grey thinks and has video about "Pennies"
  • One of the things that gives bitcoins value; the cost of producing money
  • This week tonight's plight of the humble penny. Reddit mention at 2:43
  • Does anyone know Bernie's position on getting rid of the penny?
  • UNCC gets a name drop on Sunday's Last Week Tonight [@4:21]
  • Here's the video one how pennies are useless by John Oliver
  • John Oliver discussed pennies on his last show of the year
  • John Oliver explains why pennies are ridiculously useless
  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Pennies (HBO)
  • John Oliver comments on the existence of pennies!
  • Let's get rid of the penny! John Oliver edition
  • TIL Producing one american cent costs 1.7 cents
  • We did it reddit! We made it on John Oliver!
  • 1cent硬貨廃止論が広まるかも。日本も時代遅れな1円玉、5円玉を廃止にしよう!
  • A penny up my butt
  • Mama, we made it!
  • Damnit, Reddit
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