Krampus - Official Trailer (HD)

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  • Is the establishing shot (at 0:08, after the Legendary logo) in this trailer for Krampus, Nottingham Christmas Market?
  • Maybe it's just me, but for me, Adam Scott is starring in the Christmas comedy-horror film Krampus
  • A horror movie based on a German Legend. [](/soawesome) Anybody else want to see this?
  • Scott stars in a new movie based on one of Ice-T's favorite holiday characters
  • I'd never heard of Krampus before American Dad...Sheila gonna make a cameo?
  • Krampus: A movie that deserves to be on your shelf next to Gremlins
  • Finally a Christmas movie Dwight Schrute would be proud of
  • I'm pretty sure Ed produced this movie to taunt NL and co
  • It looks different than Taco's Krampus, but I can dig it
  • Taco Corp has released a trailer for its first movie
  • Krampus - Get scared the shit out of this christmas
  • So glad that Taco finally got to make a movie
  • Remember Krampus? It's going to be a movie
  • Was looking for the brimstone lasers
  • Ben better watch our for krampus
  • Krampus - Official Trailer (HD)
  • Krampus trailer. Looks like fun
  • "Krampus" Movie Trailer
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    Francesco VonRueden
    Ill be waiting for the moment when Tim Allen comes out of nowhere and accidentally kills Krampus and has to become the new one for the sequel.