Kim Dotcom releases a teaser for Megabox

source: youtube

  • I noticed a CF logo in the MegaBox trailer video currently on the front page (watch for it near the beginning, among other Creative Suite icons) [0:13 of 2:08]
  • Megabox a free music and social media service from Kim Dotcom - Speculation on why MPAA shut Megaupload down in the first place
  • If you liked megaupload then here you go Megabox!
  • Kim Dot Com releases a preview of MegaBox
  • Kim Dotcom releases a teaser for Megabox
  • I think Kim Dotcom is a Radiohead fan
  • Kim Dotcom - Making of Megabox
  • MegaBox Teaser Trailer
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    Erick Lynch
    From what I understand artists will be encourage to upload their music for free download, then Megabox will share with them a part of the profits that come from ads, tickets, and any other commercial activity on those pages. Its a concept that has been around in the past, but never caught on, and its questionable exactly how much money this will generate for artists. Regardless, I really hope it works out, I'm for anything with half a chance at drop-kicking the MPAA and RIAA square in the tits